The vertigo has a negative Impact on quality of life, it is important to therefore find an effective and convenient therapy allows the patient to that join the everyday tasks as possible and as quickly with the best quality of life.\

Methods: We assessed the effectiveness in the treatment of vertigo of peripheral origin of two Formulations; nimodipine three times daily (Nimotop ®) 30 mg versus nimodipine of once daily (Tropocer ®) 90 mg AP, im a prospective, randomized, double-blind, double dummy, multicenter and parallel-group study, Included patients with peripheral vertigo defined as a score ≥7 on the Vertigo-Dizziness Differential Diagnosis Score .

The patients were evaluated by: scale of vertigo severity index and index of vestibular disability.

Results: In the nimodipine group AP (NAP) decreased vertigo severity index by 50%: in 24% of patients at 14 days, 41% at 4 weeks and 89% at 8 weeks. The vestibular disability index decreased by 50%: at 15 days in 24% of patients, in 83% at 4 weeks and in 92% patients at 8 weeks.
In the nimodipine group conventional (NC) decreased rate of vertigo severity by 50%: in 17% of patients at 14 days, 41% of patients at 4 weeks and 90% at 8 weeks. The vestibular disability index by 50% decreased: at 15 days in 17%
of patients, in 53% at 4 weeks and in 64% at 8 weeks, without difference between groups.

Conclusions: both products were effective and well tolerate in the treatment of peripheral vertigo.

Keywords: Nimodipine, extended release, dizziness.


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